Mumbai. Common products that used for this procedure include the Juvederm and Restylane brands. Depending on the product, these dermal filler injections can boost lip volume, enhance lip shape, and smooth vertical lines. The results can last from four months to one year, with an average of about six months.

When it comes to good lip fillers Dr Monica Jacob is here to establish itself as the gold standard of modern lip fillers.  They are one of the safest lip fillers. It has FDA-approval and the active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a natural body substance. Juvederm adds volume to the lips, creating that much-desired pout.

Experts Advice: Things That You Should keep in mind
 Dr. says based filler which is injected into the lip, to increase volume and size. Collagen works purely by plumping the lip whilst the hyaluronic acid fillers work by not only plumping the lip directly but also trapping water within lips for a natural, plump pout.
"One of the biggest things people often don't realize with lip augmentation is that achieving the look you won't necessarily happen overnight. If you have very thin lips and want to achieve a very full but natural look, this can    take a few sessions and therefore be more expensive. The key is building layers in stages .she personally, do this with     the microdroplet linear injection technique which allows to build a whole new lip for the patient in terms of size and shape over time."
"Depending on who carries out the procedure, the pain can vary.
            Personally, we choose to use a dental block so my patients don't feel a thing. But many people rely on numbing    gel, which still causes can uncomforting."
"When done properly, lip fillers shouldn't feel any different from natural lips"
Less is more and the natural hydrated plump look is in . Common mistake that people do is to add too much volume which gives those duck lips or unnatural look. Best lip augmentation is when the lips good natural, hydrated, creaseless and proportionate. When lips are esthetically done they are the most attractive part of the face and enhances the beauty of an individual.
Nowadays both men and women are opting for lip fillers .  They also help to lighten the colour of lips . With age, the lips also age with loss of volume, down turning angles of the mouth, loss of philtrum columns and loss of youthful look of the entire face . Younger individuals have gone for augmentation and older clients go for this procedure as a part of anti-ageing.
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